Homework Tuesday 05th

Homework - Tuesday 05th 

  • Spellings: Please learn the list of spellings for the test on Friday.
  1. get
  2. clap
  3. shop
  4. fish
  5. shut
  6. wish
  7. I
  8. the
  9. shampoo
  10. Monday
  • Thematic Words: These are words relating to the theme in class of Myself. These words also relate to topics being covered in Learn Together. The children should know the meaning of these words and be able to read and discuss them by Friday.
  1. Islam
  2. respect
  3. myself
  4. survey
  5. name
  6. journey
  7. travel
  8. height
  • Maths Sheet
  • The history of my name. Complete an interview about the history of your name. There are questions provided in the homework folder to help with this. I will collect this tomorrow.

The children were given their lunch forms yesterday so if you could ensure that they bring them in with them tomorrow that would be great. 

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