Homework 27 November - 1st December

Hi all,

Here's an outline of the homework for this week.

  • Spellings: Please learn the list of spellings for the test on Friday. This week is a review of of the sounds covered this month. Some spellings that there was difficulty with are repeated this week.

  1. fluff
  2. chill
  3. spill
  4. smell
  5. grill
  6. jazz
  7. less
  8. there
  9. they
  10. crossroad
  • Thematic Words: These are words relating to the theme in class of Myself. These words also relate to topics being covered in Learn Together, SESE and English. The children should know the meaning of these words and be able to read and discuss them by Friday.

  1. gratitude
  2. transparent (as in transparent material)
  3. opaque (opaque material)
  4. sphere
  5. cylinder
  6. predicting (when reading a story)

The children wrote these words out in class today so if you could check that they have spelled them correctly. 

The spelling practice sheets were put into their spelling folders but some children forgot their folder today so if it is at home can you put the sheet in tonight.

Maths and English sheetsEach night the children should complete one maths sheet and one English sheet. The sheets are back to back this week and the day of the week that they should be completed on is written on the front of the sheet. These are relating to topics we are looking at in English and Maths.

Tables: A practice page is attached at the start. The children should only do one day per night. I.e on Monday do Monday's part. At the top the children can time themselves and write down how long it took them! 

The children can read up to page 20 in Looking after Zara. We will be reading the book in groups over the next few days so some children will have different page to read until. If they have they will know themselves!

A small number of children are working with a different reader that was given to them by Fiona or Paula. They should aim to read this reader along with Looking After Zara. If this is taking too long the priority should be given to the reader from Paula/ Fiona. This group will know how much they should read. 

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