Homework 12th - 16th

Hi all,

Here's an outline of the homework for this week.

  • Spellings: Please learn the list of spellings for the test on Friday. This week the spellings are based on 'ay'

  1. his
  2. went
  3. night
  4. high
  5. might
  6. light
  7. any
  8. many
  9. flight
  10. frightening

                  Challenge Words:
                  11. bright
                  12. thigh

                  • Thematic Words: These are words relating to the theme in class. These words also relate to topics being covered in Learn Together, SESE and English. The children should know the meaning of these words and be able to read and discuss them by Friday.

                  1. habitat
                  2. St. Patrick
                  3. Lá Fheile Pádraig (St. Patricks Day)
                  4. saint
                  5. adapt

                  The children wrote these words out in class today so if you could check that they have spelled them correctly. The spelling practice sheets were put into their spelling folders but some children forgot their folder today so if it is at home can you put the sheet in tonight.

                  Maths and English sheetsEach night the children should complete one maths sheet and one English sheet. The sheets are back to back this week and the day of the week that they should be completed on is written on the front of the sheet. These are relating to topics we are looking at in English and Maths. 

                  Tables: This week the children will be doing +1. A practice page is attached at the start. The children should only do one day per night. I.e on Monday do Monday's part. I will test these on Friday.

                  Reading at home:
                  Each child has a book in their homework folder for reading at home. The children have all week to read this book. There is a reading log at the front of the book to fill out each night to show that reading has been done

                  Seachtain na Gaeilge!

                  This week is Seachtain na Gaeilge! (Irish Week). The children are getting airgead (coins) for using Irish throughout the week. Here are some Irish phrases you could use if you want to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge at home as well!
                  Conas atá tú? - How are you?
                  Cad a d'ith tú don dhinnéar/ lón/ bricfeasta? - What did you have for dinner/ lunch/ breakfast?
                  Cad is ainm duit? - What's your name?
                  Cén aois thú? - How old are you?
                  Cén saghas aimsir atá ann inniu? - What's the weather today?
                  Cad atá ar an téilifís? - What's on TV

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